Thursday, 21 August 2008

Hiatus... I said before, this mini blog is suffering a bit and quite frankly I've not been dressing my best lately either what with the stress of moving but I'm hoping all that will change in two weeks time...

Saturday 9th August 2008: Day

Tofu black blazer jacket
Topshop Boutique sheer printed t-shirt
Vintage grey pleated dress
Celeste Stein blue tie dye knee high socks
Finsk grey sandals
Chanel bag

Note: The hair is rubbish, the sky is grey but at least it's blue on my legs, eh?

Friday 27th June 2008: Day

Urban Outfitters grey sleevless sweatshirt
American Apparel navy skirt
Ozbek sheer navy skirt underneath
Acne white shoes

Note: This sheer skirt is falling apart but I love the way it feels against bare legs...

Thursday 26th June 2008: Day

Vintage white lace bedjacket
Louise Amstrup grey shirt dress worn undone
Vintage grey and yellow stripy t-shirt
Pale blue satin tailored shorts (forgotten where I bought these...)
Topshop white patent lace-ups
Muji bag (for laptop...)
Vintage white plastic chains

Note: It was really hot but I still wanted to layer...

Sunday 29th June 2008: Night

Apologies for the sporadic posting yet again.... posting some outfit scraps here...

Uniqlo pink stripy top
Tim Ryan grey and pink knitted dress
American Apparel black lame leggings
Grey Converse

Note: Did absolutely nothing...