Sunday, 20 January 2008

Saturday 19th January 2008: Night

Topshop silver turban hat
Vintage blue and white stripy t-shirt
Kulture draped silver top
Vintage strapless silver lame dress
Vintage silver bow tie
Blue ballet flats from Hong Kong

Note: I was going for Aladdin meets Audrey for a gig after recovering from a disgusting stomach virus.


kit said...

you're looking at the camera! haha you look so cute : D
the silver bow tie is a nice touch. but i wouldn't really have figured out the aladdin+audrey look on my own...

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Love the blue and silver...though with reference to the Disney story, I'd say it's a bit Genie-meets-Audrey too :)

guccibaggirl said...

Love it!

ninky said...

Bow, metallic AND turban all together? hmmm...
super cute pose though. love it!

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