Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunday 10th February 2008: Day+Night

Vintage purple shiny shirt
Vintage Escada floral skirt
Pink PVC skirt
Sheer lavender tights
Office black shoes with purple ankle ribbons

Note: First day of London Fashion Week but I had to celebrate Chinese New Year....


Stephanie said...

Ahhh love it! Love all the outfits just posted, actually, but what else is new?

Stararah said...

I love that skirt! Especially with the PVC skirt underneath!

Mira said...

That skirt looks amazing on you. You look fabolous!

Flora said...

layering oh layering what would we be without your style twist...? great combo. greets *FLORA

Anonymous said...

sounds pretty matthew williamson.
you press and burn, girl... doesn't robyn fascinate you? lol
she was at the MW soundtrack btw.

Camilla said...

I really like the skirt :)

Anonymous said...

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