Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Friday 16th May 2008: Night

Vintage black vintage jacket
Vintage grey pleated dress
Vintage black and white checked scarf
Bebaroque pink fringed tights
Bronx cut out sandals

Note: Felt very old lady like today...


bear said...

those cute out shoes are amaaz!

Anonymous said...

yes! i love this shoes! susie you are great..

Anonymous said...

With all respect you´re the most beautyfull thing in the world never mind whatever you´re wearing

disgusted at your outfits said...

dear you
you look like a hobo
please delete your blog as all your outfits are hideous.

Anonymous said...

You are bold in your fashion sense and I appreciate your outfits as a form of fashion, but what really needs work is your HAIR! =\ Sorry but your hair does not suit you. I appears as though you are trying too hard to have a particular image that does not exactly suit your face. Hope this helps..

Anonymous said...

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