Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Tuesday 10th June 2008: Day

Vintage grey Member's Only jacket
American Apparel tri-blend grey jersey racerback vest
'WFT' vintage quilted floral skress
Jonathan Aston sheer lilac tights
Jenne O silver lace-up heels

Note: Well, you can guess what I was doing today...


yulanda said...

I love love love this outfit. Everything just looks fantastic together.

sophie said...

dress = so cute!

RichCoral said...


laia. said...

those shoes are adorable!

Anonymous said...

u went to the Topshop photoshoot thing? I forgot what it called but always wanted to ask someone how was the experience? Is it worth the money and effort? Any difference than the normal photoshoots?

deexdeexdreamer said...

Gorgeous dress- love the whole effect!

The Helmut Newton photo thing is really cool! It's not as lavish as it sounds, when i went the lines were long and it was an in-out operation. But you get your mitts on lots of shoes, hats and general fare to style. Plus, it was free :)

Lizzyness said...

That is cute!!!

Annie said...

This is amazing. I'm a big sucker for brights mixed with neutrals, but this is epic!
Also, I was thinking about Member's Only Jackets today...

Mirthe said...

Very nice dress:)

Budget Babe said...

Love this, head to toe. It's the colors. The brights radiate when place next to those neutrals. Beautiful.

keepitclassyCT said...

love the dress and tights! you have such amazing style!

A La Mode said...

I love this picture so much!

Anonymous said...

its very nice..
the dress is fantastic and looks great on you!!
wonder where u bought that silver lace-up heels..


blackdaisys said...

i lovelovelovelove this!

maticki said...

very cool

Lucy Josephine Monaghan said...

great 60s look love the patch work on the dress soo colourful ^_^

elegantladyMB said...

I am in love with your shoes!

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