Friday, 4 April 2008

Friday 4th April 2008: Day

Uniqlo grey chain print t-shirt
Nom D black and white checked scarf
Vintage sheer pleated slip dress
Silver and flesh toned striped leggings from Concrete, London
Grey suede platforms from Hong Kong

Note: Lounging at home is ever so fun...


yulanda said...

Love every part of this outfit.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the whiteness! so pure and clean looking! also the tights are super cute.

Anna said...


my name is anna 'nd i live in germany, i don't know how a found ur blog but i find it very interesting

from which homeland are u? 'nd how old are u?

sry for my bad english


bianca banca said...

Aww, i love it!the dress is so airy, and pretty.
and thank you for letting me use your photos!

annah said...

i LOVE this shift dress...

Fruchtzwerg said...

the slip dress is beautiful! Great choice

yumiko said...

ohh,, youre always so dressy
when i stay at home i always find myself in tights and boxers with an oversized cardigan pulled over a slutty tank top--not at all attractive...

Stephie said...

the sheerness of the slip is so appealing! (:

Nay'Chelle said...

your slip is amazing! You remind of a grecian goddess.

Anonymous said...


Mer said...

susie, Ilove those platforms!

1234 said...

that sheer slip dress is to die for!
love it!

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