Saturday, 19 April 2008

Saturday 19th April 2008: Day

Acne black dress
Yellow satin ruffled skirt
Black sheer tights over yellow opaque tights
Repetto black patent jazz shoes
Urban Outfitters black patent belt

Note: My boyfriend said I was his little bumble bee...


Alline said...


Anonymous said...

That skirt! I love it!

styledigger said...

I love your skirt, it's so cute! It's a pity, that the photo is so dark, I can't see you shoes exactly, cause I really adore jazz shoes and I'm looking for a black pair.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

This outfit Im not a fan of

Webcam said...

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Benedicte said...

Great skirt

Anna said...

This outfit is my favorite, I think. That skirt is to die for! Work it!

Fashion Tidbits said...

i know, its hard to escape those comments when you wear just yellow and black

ms-mojo-rising said...

Great look of the tights I just love it!!

Monique said...

Where did you get that skirt?! I love it!!!

Nicole Then said...

i love the ruffled satin skirt in yellow!

Susie Bubble said...

Really haven't a clue where I bought this... I don't even think it's mine... just somehow landed in my wardrobe...

arline jernigan said...

I love that skirt too!!!

Anonymous said...

wheres the skirt from? love it!

bear said...

that skirt is totally adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, this blog isn't really very fruitful because frequently you just state what you're wearing and not say where it's from. for that brom kimono jacket you tell us you forgot where it's from but...there are two things in this outfit you just say "yellow skirt". how is this helpful at all?
you also say it's stressful managing two blogs; then, to make life easier for you, just post an outfit when you know where everything is from. Or just post the picture if you really like it.

susie_bubble said...

If I don't remember where the item is from, that is not my fault....I'm not here to inform everyone...this is a simply a selfish extension of my blog... I can JUST about remember it's from TK Maxx if that's helpful but it's pointless because you wouldn't be able to buy the skirt anyway because it's very very old!

Anonymous said...

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