Saturday, 19 April 2008

Tuesday 15th April 2008: Day+Night

Vintage grey pleated dress
H&M silver belt
Vivienne Westwood peach knee high socks
Forever 21 shoes

Note: Felt like a child, but worked like a foracious money-sucking adult...


A.N.D. said...

Wow! Dare I say it..? Does Susie Bubble actually look..normal? sorry :| I'm just so used to seeing you in layers and layers, and it's a bit alarming to see you in something so simple. But nonetheless you always look gorgeous! You belong in Vogue. Or your own magazine

Laura said...


just wondering if those F21 shoes are comfortable? I've been tempted to buy them more than a few times.

btw, love your blog!

Stephie said...

Great simple outfit amidst the others you've posted this week!

miss milki said...

Maybe its because I'm so used to seeing you in layers and layers of experimental creativity that I love this look so much. Its simple yet perfectly put together...only 4 pieces and they compliment each other wonderfuly.(I'm especially loving the peach socks!)

Rumi said...

Love the gray, cream, and peach together, the effect is very tempered sorbet and sweet. And the hair just tops it off perfectly!

dree said...

okay, I about spit my juice out of my mouth and onto the computer monitor when I read your comment on being a money sucking adult..
too funny!

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