Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sunday 6th April 2008: Day

United Colours of Benetton grey wrap cardigan
Zara grey jumper
H&M grey tulle tiered top w/ side tie
Preen white halterneck w/ silver pleated bust piece
Clare Tough knitted skirt
American Apparel black lame leggings
Black patent ankle boots from Paris
Slouchy grey beanie from Hong Kong
Vintage black and white checked knitted shawl
Nom D black and white checked scarf
Vintage leather fur trimmed black gloves

Note: Quite a list there but necessary to combat the evident weather conditions


annah said...

wowwww! i love this outfit!

poppy lee said...

i love all the grey. beautiful.

couldn't believe the snow this morning!

Nay'Chelle said...

That is such a genious combination of all the grays. Very warm and comfy indeed.

Anonymous said...

i love it, so pretty !


Fashion Tidbits said...

this is by far my favourite outfit!

Sarah said...

fabulous outfit. a little rick owens influence? <3

Sarah said...

this is "Cosette" from tFS. :)

BloguleRouge said...

You are so lucky to still have snow in april !!!
In France,it's just raining,raining and...raining ^^
I love grey and you wear it in a really good way

Victoria said...

Amazing. I'm so glad I found your site! I will be visiting often!

Peace & Love from the US

Anonymous said...

okay, i may be the only jerk going to say this, but wouldn't it have made much more sense to simply wear a coat? i mean, if you went inside at any point you would have a melt down if you didn't take off the majority of those layers.

with that said, i do think this is a cute outfit.

Tavi said...

Boo hiss, snow in April! But I love all the scarves, your outfits are always so creative...

Tavi said...

Boo hiss, snow in April! But I love all the scarves, your outfits are always so creative...

Anonymous said...

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