Friday, 7 March 2008

Monday 3rd March 2008: Day

Burberry trench coat
Margaret Howell tartan shirt
Paul & Joe Sister grey jersey dress
Tabio red tights
Ras green tweed flats

Note: Boring check on check for work


The Stiletto Effect said...

Can I borrow you this outfit? its so damn cute! To start, I can say I love trench coats (I have one very similar to yours, but not from Burberry).

The tartan shirt is very cool, I like to wear tartan shirts with diff outfits and I guess it always looks cool!

The dress is a must have!

Love the red tights (I've been searching for a pair but just cant find the perfect red)!

Fashion-DescipleXXX said...

crimson tights rock

chileksuyu said...

love love love!
i'm always surprized about how colour combinations which are supposed NOT to work together, are doing such a great job when you are using them :)

gorgeous, really.

Anonymous said...

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