Sunday, 2 March 2008

Saturday 1st March 2008: Day+Night

Uniqlo grey jumper
Preen halterneck top w/ silver bust detailing
Vintage floral skirt
Red gingham puffball skirt from Hong Kong
John Lewis grey cotton tights
Prada red footless socks
Prada silver flats

Note: Rediscovered some old skirts...


The Stiletto Effect said...

My favourite pieces are the vintage floral skirt and the flats

bianca banca said...

great skirt!!! and i love the socks! ha, i got the AA knock offs

Stephanie said...

Amazing layering, as usual!

Belle said...

i love the color combination and the skirt is so pro.

Fashion Tidbits said...

ditch the halterneck and add a vest and belt, for more layering howbout?

Ana said...

The patchwork skirt combines two amazing things:florals and picnics!

dressedandpressed said...

Love the skirt layering and the floral and check pattern combo.

Anonymous said...

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