Sunday, 30 March 2008

Sunday 30th March 2008: Day

John Richmond black jacket w/ leather sleeves
Vintage blue and white t-shirt
Embroidered halterneck w/ satin collar from Hong Kong
Cream knife pleated skirt from Tokyo
American Apparel black PVC leggings
Salvatore Ferragamo black bow pumps

Note: I like pleats I do...


Anonymous said...

MMM.. pleats

regitze said...

Love that outfit! :)

Nay'Chelle said...

That halter is adorable. Loving the pleats too.

bianca banca said...

I respect you so much for being able to layer with out looking like a complete idiot!
you are awesome and inspirational

Unrealized Fish said...

I really like your jacket.

bianca banca said...

Ah. OK, i comment alot, I dont usually get responces, which is understandable, im sure you get ALOT of comments, and have alot of other things to do.
but for fashion/sewing class we have to make "what inspires us" collages....but I dont feel like it so i am making a power point(also allowed). Would you mind if I used your pictures?
I dont want to just take them and display them to my entire class if you dont want me to, so please try to answer, I tried to find the magazine you mentioned you were in, but I couldnt :(.

well anyway.
you dont have to leave me some long responce
but a
"go ahead i dont mind"
or a
"yes i do mind, please dont use my pictures"

would do just fine.

Susie Bubble said...

Yes, go ahead : )

annah said...

i LOVE the flash of blue..

Anonymous said...

Wouahooo!!! (toujours le petit Français)

Tu sembles jeune et possèdes déjà une sacrée garde robe dit donc !
Conclusion, tu es très très... très jolie et Féminine, j'adore!! Bye ;o)

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