Sunday, 30 March 2008

Saturday 29th March 2008: Day

Topshop blue floppy hat
Mr Happy tie dye dress
Forever 11 cream cuff and collar set
Vintage blue slip dress
Vintage oversized dark grey cardigan
Pretty Polly grey sheer sheeny tights
Vintage straw box bag
Prada silver flats

Note: Hiding beneath a hat is so much fun...


bianca banca said...

aww the floppy hat is so adorable

Anonymous said...

The colour of your skin showing through your tights is so pretty, like swirls of chocolate in milk or something. It matches the tie dye of your dress.

elizabeth said...

so best! you look like tweaked 70s summertime..sorta rykiel?

L. said...

I love this, you look like art!
Those tights=want

Nay'Chelle said...

I love this. You make me wish I would've bought the cuffs and collar when I had the chance!

yumiko said...

do you ever dress normally??--as in just sweatshirt and jeans??
not that you look strange, just your outfits never seem to get boring!!

Anonymous said...

hey susie!
I'm at an airport right now waiting on a flight and I must say, looking at your outfits keeps me inspired and fights the boredom! this is my fave look...HOT!!

Brooke said...

Those tights are so hot, I might just have to snag a pair myself. :D;

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