Saturday, 15 March 2008

Saturday 15th March 2008; Day

Topshop black puff sleeve cardigan
Viktor & Rolf for H&M white heart shirt customised with badges
Vintage Escada floral skirt
Vintage hot pink leggings
Repetto black patent jazz shoes

Note: I look tired and exhausted after a lo-ong day of walking around Manchester (I'm a lazy bum in London...)


ChiliLady said...

You look so young in this!

1234 said...

hey out of curiosity, do you get noticed in the streets at all susie?

bianca banca said...

well those leggings just basically made my life

Anonymous said...

OMG! i knew it was you! i work in oxfam originals in manchester, i had a big 'OMG' moment when i saw bright fuschia leggings walking out of night and day. you should of come in, we have some amazing vintage designer things in, our shop is best originals in the country apparently!

bigglassesgirl said...

this shirt is one of my favorite projects of yours ever. I can't get over how fun it looks.

Ediot said...

really fun.! fun outfit. must have brightened up many peoples day.

diamondcanopy said...


lee jones said...

sweet tights : )

The Stiletto Effect said...

the Viktor & Rolf shirt is very cool

saray said...

the skirt is lovely..

susie_bubble said...

1234: Sometimes.... as demonstrated by anon below! Doesn't happen that often though...

Anon: I wanted to go in but my friends were rushing along!

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